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become a prophetic student

Step 1: Learn How it Works

Before getting started, you might want to know how things work around here. We have three important step to help you start your prophetic training.

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Forum Support

Step 2:  Become a Student

To become a student is very straight forward. You simply need to complete two steps: Register and enrol in your first course. 

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Great docs & support

Step 3: Enrol & Enjoy Your Course

As stated previously, we have combined your registration and the enrolment for your first course into one simple process.  

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Welcome to GCMNet Prophetic Training School - Where Believers get trained in the prophetic!

Prophetic Training and Ministry School for every believer at last! The time to travel miles to see prophets is over! Now you too can flow in the prophetic. 

Now you too can get a life-changing, biblical and high quality prophetic training that will not cost you an arm and leg.

Whether you are new to the prophetic or experienced, there is something for everyone!


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